Start Here

Start Here

Thanks for joining 100X Crypto Academy.

How to access Dashboard

The dashboard allows to access your profile, your enrolled courses, quiz attempts and other features.

  1. Click Dashboard in the Menu

How to access Course

  1. Click Courses in Menu
  2. Click the 100X Crypto Academy course image
  3. Click Enrol Now Button
  4. Click Start Course Button

How to mark lesson complete

  1. When you view the course you will see topics and lessons on the left navigation window. Select the first lesson and the video and any notes will appear in the main window.
  2. After completing the lesson click the Mark Complete button which is located in the top right hand side of the screen.
  3. If you do not Mark Complete for each lesson you cannot complete the course and will not have access to the community

How to mark course complete

  1. After marking each lesson complete and completing all quizes successfully you will see a button called Complete Course on the course summary page.
  2. Click the Complete Course button.
  3. Follow the instructions in the last module for how to access the forum.