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Yield Farming Spy

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20 Coins to a Millionaire

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100x Crypto Academy

Hi my name is Pascal ,

Here is my Testimonial for Gavin 100X crypto course.

I’ve known NG GAVIN online since 2016, and especially in 2017 when he was helping others to get in the ICO Gold Rush Phase , and we had a great time, great learning and always known Gavin as an honest entrepreneur ready to help others.

Now since the last 2 weeks as we are entering a New Rush in the DEFI Space and Yield Farming, Stacking and plenty of Presale opportunities.

I’ve been in the Beta phase of Gavin’s New 100X Crypto Course , and during this time Gavin has shown the same enthusiasm for helping others to get in that new DEFI Space as he did in 2017 during the ICO phase.

During this time i’ve learnt a lot and had the opportunity to test new projects at their early stage in Yield Farming , Stacking and New Presale as Gavin was sharing with us those projects as they came up, and also get to know great Presale as they show up.

If you want to be part of a great community and position yourself for good project in the DEFI Space and new Presale as they come and want to know when to get in and when to get out from different project , I highly recommend Gavin new course100X Crypto Course.



I gave Simon some inside info on Bidao in June. He took massive action and bought 300,000 tokens. Last night the ICO launched and he make a lazy $10,000 USD PROFIT.

I have know Ng Gavin for 3 years now, he’s a very knowledgeable in many sectors of online home based businesses and has a high level understanding of the blockchain cryptocurrency market. I have learnt a lot from his Facebook live streams and stands out from the rest of the online gurus because of his blunt honesty. 

Anwar Ali


I joined the 100X Crypto Academy Group and started my Crypto Journey…
Thanks to the founder NG Gavin for all he has done, with his PROVEN formula for Crypto Gains Success.
By following his guidance and system I have learned to pick out the winners!
He teaches you how to do the proper research to find the right projects that have real long term potential with very minimal to no risk.
What he has put together is something truly special and priceless, this is not just another group or system, what you learn by joining and following him will become a real skill..a true craft that will last you a lifetime.
Thank you NG for allowing me to a part of this amazing group you put together.
I now know what to do, look for, research, how to do it and be successful in the crypto world.
I am grateful and bless.
Thanks so much Mate!
Johnny Franco

Johnny Franco

Since I joined the group, I’ve been dca’ing and even pulled out 20k from my 401k to kick things off. So, I’ve probably got 25-26k of my own money invested. Not to mention, the figures I’m about to show you aren’t accurate (I’ve earned more), but they are accurate since I found out about Coingecko – thanks to the group. Also, today was a killer, and I pulled out 1k today (probably going into 1inch), but these are my results: 
$62,861.38   Total Balance
 $28,156.53   Total Profit / Loss (+60.5%)
Last night, my portfolio was up over 68k! In all honesty, it wasn’t all from this forum, but my top bags are ZIL, CEL, ETH, MATIC, and API3 (most of which I would never have heard of without this forum).
Thanks again!!!
100 X Crypto Academy Member

100 X Crypto Academy Member

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Yield Farming Spy

Bonus 2

20 Coins To a Millionaire

Bonus 3

JustSwap User Guide for Beginners


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Honestly, this is not for you. You need money to begin your crypto journey. The “buy a house with no money down” show is not us.We show you how to multiply your crypto safely. Please come back when you have some funds we can help you then. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not get rich overnight. If this is your intention we rather you not join. We highly recommend everyone build a portfolio of solid long term coins for 2,3, & 5 year time frame. 

Staking, Yield farming, ICO’s, IEO’s and buying and hodling coins long term for a retirement nest egg.

We teach  3 types of strategies inside the academy, Low risk, Medium risk and High risk. Although there’s no such thing as 100% safe and guaranteed, some of the strategies are as safe as they will ever be.

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We listened to our members and introduced Low, Medium and High Risk ratings, so that you can choose your own risk profile.

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